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50 Sporting Clays & 50 5-Stand for ONLY $30!!!
2014 Shoot Schedule
October 12th 3-Bird Shoot & Buddy Shoot (Sponsored by NYX Glasses)
November 2th NSCA logo. Black Cat - Flyer / Registration (PDF Format / Word Format)
December 14th NSCA logo. Santa Shoot

New image. 2015 Shoot Schedule New image.
January 4th NSCA logo. Winter Blast #1
January 7th - March 29th NSCA logo. 2015 Winter League
Februdary 1st NSCA logo. Winter Blast #2
March 1st NSCA logo. Winter Blast #3
April 26th NSCA logo. Jokers Shoot
May 24th NSCA logo. M&E Open
June 14th NSCA logo. Just A June Shoot
July 5th NSCA logo. Fire Cracker 200
August 15th - 16th NSCA logo. No-Fly-Zone Open
September 26th - 27th NSCA logo. September Iron-Man
October 11th NSCA logo. Double Trouble
November 1st NSCA logo. The Black Cat
December 13th NSCA logo. The Santa Shoot

NSCA logo. = NSCA Registered Shoot
Results from all of our events can be found on our Events Calendar. Simply click on a calendar event and look for a "Shoot Results" link.